Agrochemicals and Biopesticides

Studies for agrochemicals and related products are performed under “Good Laboratory Practices” using more than 25 years of expertise to meet national and international requirements. Crop protection products in Brazil are regulated by three federal agencies (ANVISA, MAPA and IBAMA) and require studies accredited by INMETRO under GLP. These studies are a differential of TECAM and include physico chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological studies. With professional technicians supported by an experienced sales team, TECAM is accredited by national and international institutions that certify the quality and traceability of its processes and services.

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    • Method validation;
    • Physicochemical characteristics (pH, density, corrosivity, melting point/boiling point, vapour pressure, viscosity of liquids and others.
    • Earthworms acute toxicity;
    • Acute and chronic toxicity to fish;
    • Honeybee toxicity (contact and diet);
    • Acute and chronic toxicity to microcrutacea;
    • Soil microorganisms (C and N cycles);
      Bioaccumulation – semi-static fish test
    • Toxicity to algae;
    • Acute toxicity to fishes (B. rerio);
    • Avian toxicity (oral and dietary);
    • Ready biodegradability.
    • Reverse mutation assay (Ames test);
    • Micronucleus test.
    The evaluation of toxicity and pathogenicity of Microbial Pest Control Agents (MPCAs) is one of TECAM’S crop protection services that have mostly developed in the last 10 years. MPCAs are crop protection products based on bacteria, fungi or viruses which are most appropriately characterized for health and environmental safety by employing guidelines specifically developed to address their special testing needs. TECAM provides GLP studies for the evaluation of MPCAs following the EPA 885 series guidelines and Brazilian INC 3/2006 and INC 3/2014. Studies required for biopesticides:

    • Honey bee testing – OPPTS Tier I 885.4380;
    • Freshwater aquatic invertebrate testing – OPPTS Tier I 885.4240;
    • Freshwater fish testing, OPPTS Tier I 885.4200;
    • Avian oral, Tier I OPPTS 885.4050;
    • Acute injection toxicity/pathogenicity OPPTS 885.3200;
    • Acute oral toxicity/pathogenicity OPPTS 885.3050;
    • Acute pulmonary toxicity/pathogenicity OPPTS 885.3150.
    • LLNA (Skin sensitization);
    • Micronucleus test “in vitro”;
    • BCOP (Eye irritatition in vitro);
    • Citotoxicity.


Law  7.802/89
Portaria 84/1996 – IBAMA
IN 49/2002 – Equivalence for agrochemical registration
Decree  4074/02
INC 3/06 alterada pela INC 3/14 – Microbial Pest Control Agents
INC 32/2005 – Biochemical products changed by INC 3 /14
IN 5/1992 – Registration of wood preservatives


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